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Thanks to all of our friends and customers out there we want to let you know we certainly appreciate your support and patronage over these years.

We are located on Florida's East Coast, known as the "Space Coast". This is the place where all of America's Manned Space Flight missions are Launched.

Atlantis launched successfully on 7/8/2011.  This was the last launch of our Space Shuttle in its present design, but certainly not the last of our endeavor to explore and gain knowledge of our outer space.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is now retired and may soon be seen at the Visitors Center here at the Kennedy Space Center.

Our missions at Doll Krafts is to provide you, our doll and craft lovers with beautiful American handmade baby doll clothes, bonnets, booties and panties in 10-20-inch sizes. We have beautiful baby doll blankets; granny square w/variegated trim & some in knitted basket weave design. We also make miniature doll accessories such as: Miniature Afghans, pillows and plastic canvas furniture.

A word from our owner and a craft lover Betty that spans many years;
"I have always had a love for thread and fabric of all kinds. My mother said, "When I was just a toddler that I would collect little pieces of thread and fabric when she was piecing quilts together and carry them around in my pocket. By the time that I was in the first grade I was doing embroidery, and as I grew older I developed a real interest in sewing, and at the age of twelve took a sewing class and started making my own clothes and was able to teach my mother to sew and as a result of that, we both started sewing for the public. After entering high school I taught myself to knit and crochet, and have taught knitting and crochet for the local county recreation department and taught sewing for a sewing machine dealership. After marriage I made all of my clothes and shirts and shorts for my husband, all of our baby clothes, and as our four children grew older I made many of their clothes including matching outfits for both of the boys and girls. When the fashion doll came out I made a couple of outfits for our first daughter and from that time on, I was hooked and have been making doll clothes since the early 1960's". If you have any questions about the products or services and would like information or help please go to our Contact Us page and let us know.

"We aim to please and if you are not pleased, we are not happy".

Share Your Heart and God's Love

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