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 10-inch baby doll clothes

10-inch baby doll red romper suit. 10-inch baby doll green overalls, green-white shoes. 10 inch baby doll white crochet romper, bonnet and booties
Red romper suit for 10-inch baby doll, trimmed with ribbon and lace, crochet red shoes w/attached white socks. Item#BD134  $9.50 +S/H 10-inch baby doll green overalls w/crochet white buttons, green-white check shirt. crochet green shoes w/attached white socks trimmed in green.
Item#BD176 $11.00 + S/H
10-inch baby doll white crochet romper trimmed with blue, includes white crochet bonnet & crochet booties trimmed in blue. Item#BD181  $12.50 + S/H 
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10-inch baby doll crochet bubble suit. Red overalls, white print shirt for 10-inch baby doll. ecru crochet bubble suit for 10-inch baby doll trimmed with blue.
10-inch baby doll aquamarine-white crochet bubble suit, white cap and crochet shoes w/attached socks trimmed with aquamarine. Item#BD151  $12.00 + S/H
10-inch baby doll red overalls trimmed w/red-white print, crochet buttons at the shoulders,  white floral print shirt & red crochet shoes w/white attached socks trimmed in red. Item#BD174   $11.00 +S/H 10-inch baby doll ecru crochet bubble suit trimmed with blue, includes ecru crochet bonnet & booties trimmed in blue. Item#BD103  $12.50 + S/H 
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10-inch baby doll blue-white check dress 10-inch baby doll pink romper and booties light blue bubble suit for 10-inch baby doll
10-inch baby doll blue-white check long sleeve dress, white collar trimmed w/blue machine embroidery, blue ribbon & white lace, includes white bloomers trimmed w/lace, dark blue crochet shoes w/attached white socks trimmed w/light blue.Item#BD168     $11.50 +S/H 10-inch baby doll pink romper trimmed with machine embroidery, ribbon & lace, includes pink shoes w/attached white socks. Item#BD154 $10.50 + S/H 10-inch baby doll white-light blue bubble suit, white crochet cap & booties trimmed in blue. Item#BD142   $12.00 +S/H
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10-inch baby Nile green & white crochet bubble suit w/crochet cap and white booties. 10-inch baby doll green print top, green panties 10 inch baby doll yellow print dress, bonnet, panties and crochet shoes.
10-inch baby doll Nile green & white crochet bubble suit, includes Nile green cap and white booties trimmed w/Nile green. Item#BD147 $13.00  10-inch baby doll white w/ light green flower print top trimmed machine embroidery & lace, green panties trimmed w/lace, crochet green shoes w/attached white socks trimmed in green. Item#BD177 $13.50 + S/H 10-inch baby doll off white small print dress and blue bonnet trimmed w/ribbon & lace, blue panties trimmed with lace. Includes blue crochet shoes w/white socks trimmed in blue . Item#BD104    $14.00 +S/H
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10-inch baby doll blue-white crochet dress. 10-inch baby doll blue overalls, crochet socks and shoes 10-inch baby doll blue flannel bunting.
10-inch baby doll blue-white shell stitch crochet dress w/white yoke and ruffle with blue ribbon, includes blue broadcloth panties w/white trim, white crochet shoes w/blue socks.
Item#BD105    $16.00 +S/H
10-inch baby doll blue overalls w/crochet white buttons at shoulder, blue & white check shirt. Includes dark blue crochet shoes w/white attached socks trimmed w/light blue. Item#BD175  $11.00 + S/H 10-inch baby blue flannel bunting and bonnet trimmed with ribbon and lace & machine embroidery. Item#BD106b $8.50 + S/H.
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Doll Krafts makes baby doll clothes sizes 10 to 20-inch. See some of Doll Krafts 12-inch baby doll clothes.


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